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Credit without proof – bank and institutions offer loans

Simply fulfill a long-awaited wish – who doesn’t want that? Going on a well-deserved vacation with the family, being able to afford your own car or a new flat screen TV in the living room are all examples of wishes and needs that are cherished by many people. Unfortunately, these things cannot always be realized

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Credit for trainees without co-applicants

Trainees in the dual system receive an increasing apprenticeship remuneration each year, the amount of which is not sufficient for living in almost all apprenticeship courses. It is generally possible for them to borrow as soon as they are of legal age. Lending to minors is prohibited even with parental consent. Regular bank loans for

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Credit without pay slip

When applying for a loan, the pay slip usually serves as proof of the earned income and is requested by most lenders. In some cases, statements of the past three months are to be submitted, although the current wage statement also contains the total values ​​of the current calendar year. Payroll and payroll are largely

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