Credit without proof – bank and institutions offer loans

Simply fulfill a long-awaited wish – who doesn’t want that? Going on a well-deserved vacation with the family, being able to afford your own car or a new flat screen TV in the living room are all examples of wishes and needs that are cherished by many people. Unfortunately, these things cannot always be realized because people often lack the liquid resources. This is a real dilemma, because often necessary things, such as a washing machine or heating, cannot be purchased. Fortunately, banks and credit institutions offer loans to customers so that things like this can be financed.

Credit without proof – it really does exist

Credit without proof - it really does exist

Banks typically require collateral and proof of income and expenses before granting a loan. These include, for example, proof of income, statements of regular expenses. Ownership of shares or real estate is also considered to be further security.

In the case of a credit without proof, however, these collaterals are not required. The verification of the nationwide uniform Credit Bureau database does not take place for a loan without proof. This is a great advantage when you consider how quickly an entry can be made here (e.g. in the event of a forgotten electricity bill). The possible framework conditions for a loan of this type are presented below.

The conditions for a loan where no proof is required

The conditions for a loan where no proof is required

Most of these loans are offered as installment loans, which means that you have to repay and repay the loan amount in monthly installments over a certain term. The maximum loan term is between 12 and 60 months. The maximum loan amount to be granted is only around 10,000 dollars due to the lack of collateral. With this amount you can still fulfill most of your wishes.

Depending on the current market situation, the interest rate is around 2.5 to 8 percent. A precise comparison of the offers is worthwhile in any case. A credit without proof is a very good way to get money very quickly and cheaply. For many people, this is the only way to fulfill their wishes, so you have to be grateful to the credit institutions here.