1 in 4 Pennsylvanians admit to drinking more when it’s cold outside: study



Apparently, when the temperature drops, the caps burst.

A new study has found that one in four adults in Pennsylvania admits to drinking more when it’s cold outside.

Directed and published by American addiction centers, about 25 percent of adults in Keystone State indulge in alcohol in cold weather. Another 36 percent say they much prefer to have a drink on a cold winter night rather than a hot summer day.

The study also found that the top five drinks consumed by Pennsylvanians during these times are hot toddies (number five); Irish cream liqueur (number four); whiskey (number three); wine (number two); and beer (number one).

Pennsylvania was not by far the state with the highest percentile of winter drinking population in the country. That honor would go to states such as West Virginia and North Dakota, which were 50 percent and 40 percent, respectively.

The states that performed best in terms of alcohol consumption in colder climates would be Florida (10 percent); Kentucky (10 percent); Nebraska (10 percent); South Dakota (10 percent); and, oddly enough, Alaska (11 percent).

However, the study indicates that 12% of Americans don’t drink just to drink, but believe that alcohol will help warm them up. Another 10 percent even believe that alcohol protects against hypothermia, which is completely wrong.

And the best alcoholic drink that Americans snuggle up with while watching snow fall outside their window? It would be beer.

So go ahead, enjoy these little and big stouts. There is nothing like a relaxing drink under a thick blanket that can send the winter blues in their way.


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