Alkami relies on localization services thanks to a partnership with Gimbal


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Gimbal, the leading location intelligence platform, and Alkami Technology, Inc. (Alkami), a leading provider of cloud-based digital banking solutions, has partnered to bring location services to its portfolio of banking and credit union clients. The partnership will leverage Gimbal’s localization software technology to enable more personalized communications and services for banks and their members by connecting the offline and online banking experience.

The pandemic has put financial pressure on many consumers. The desire for more tools and better financial management has led to a huge increase in banking app downloads. According to an industry report, downloads of digital banking apps grew 45% globally between the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, with digital lending apps accounting for a decent share.

The uniqueness of the partnership stems from the ability to leverage information from the physical world from the customer visit patterns that can be applied to the set of online resource and service tools available on the platform. ‘Alkami.

Here are some of the main benefits of this partnership:

  • Updates to the Safety Ordinance Ability to send location-triggered notifications when members are near branch offices to notify them of updated security protocols.
  • Appointment reminders Using location data, branches can send time-based reminders to ensure customers show up for their previously scheduled appointments.
  • Personal, home and auto loans Geofence home improvement stores, real estate agencies or car dealerships and triggers real-time messages about financing options.
  • Exit polls Send location-triggered push notifications asking how their experience has been to solicit feedback when members leave the branch.

Substantial investments in residential housing and personal life modifications are likely to continue to evolve as hybrid life takes shape. As a result, banks, credit unions and financial services companies can use physical and digital signals to understand the shopping needs and comfort levels of each individual and family, especially in times of uncertainty. keep on going.

“Spending patterns have changed dramatically during the pandemic, with big budget purchases on hold and little to spend on discretionary items. We are now seeing a resurgence of larger investments such as cars and homes as people continue to migrate out of cities. Capturing data from the physical world is inherently becoming more valuable to our customers and the impact this has on their communication with their customers and members is critical, ”said Stephen Bohanon, Co-Founder, Director of Strategy and Sales , Alkami.

The ability to create a VIP experience when members enter branches is also possible when connecting physical and digital experiences.

“Understanding when a customer is near a branch and unlocking the door or greeting them by name opens a level of personalization that is otherwise not possible without location services. This data layer improves customer relationships and builds trust and loyalty at a time of heightened health and safety concerns, ”says Matthew Russo, CMO of Gimbal.

In an industry historically based on face-to-face interactions at physical branches, adapting to a digital-centric strategy has become a priority for many financial institutions over the past 18 months. This partnership enables institutions to bridge the gap between offline and online customer journeys and apply a more integrated approach to drive digital success and ultimately member retention.

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Gimbal harnesses the power of location intelligence, enabling businesses to create frictionless experiences. Macro and micro-localization solutions turn data from the physical world into action for operators, marketers and analysts looking to improve their omnichannel strategies. Gimbal was named in the Inc. 500 and the Deloitte Fast 500 for four consecutive years and is widely recognized as a leader in location-based marketing technologies. To learn more, visit

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Alkami Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of cloud-based digital banking solutions for financial institutions in the United States that enables customers to grow with confidence, adapt quickly, and build communities. flourishing digital technologies. The Alkami Platform is the digital banking and fraud mitigation platform of choice for more than 260 financial institutions. Alkami’s investments have resulted in a premium platform that has enabled it to replace older, larger and better-funded incumbents and provide customers with world-class experiences reflecting their individual digital strategies.

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Alkami relies on localization services thanks to a partnership with Gimbal

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