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Passengers took to Twitter to complain about the long delays – and also reported that Southwest’s online sweepstakes promotion didn’t seem to be working either.

A Southwest spokesperson said the airline had fixed what it called a network connectivity issue that occurred on Tuesday but still suffered cancellations and delays as it struggled to resume normal operations .

Bank pledges $ 40 billion to fight inequality

The Huntington Bank is pledging $ 40 billion to improve financial opportunities for consumers and businesses, while addressing social, racial and economic inequalities.

The Columbus, Ohio-based bank announced its community plan on Wednesday in Detroit, where its commercial banking segment is located.

Part of the focus will be on affordable housing, small business loans, and capital raising for historically disadvantaged, low-to-moderate income communities in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia- Western, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and the South. Dakota.

Of the $ 40 billion, $ 16 billion is earmarked for borrowers and minority communities. Huntington also announced that he would adopt an affordable housing and consumer loan target of $ 24 billion, half of which would commit to meeting the needs of minority and underfunded populations.

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