Businessman inspired by music to help young people


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Bill Withers’ song Lean On Me had such an impact on a business owner in Columbus that he decided to give his company his name.

What would you like to know

  • Bryan Winbush started the Lean on Me project as a way to keep youth and young adults safe from trouble and violence
  • Winbush teaches the basic business skills he has learned over the years
  • Youth and young adults have the opportunity to earn their own money, start their own businesses and help their families avoid evictions

Winbush said it was his way of helping the younger generation overcome difficulties in their life, especially when there is no other support.

As an entrepreneur, Winbush teaches young people how to start their own lawn care business, as well as the ins and outs of managing their money.

He said that since there is always rain and sun, there will always be gardening work for the young people. He sees this as a great way to not only keep them busy, but also encourage them to keep their community in good shape.

At the same time, he said it gives children and young adults the opportunity to not allow others to determine their worth and worth.

Reflecting on his own story of getting fired from a corporate job and struggling to pay his bills, he said: “Once I get a taste of the entrepreneur and self-employment, never go back to what someone tells me what I’m worth when some days I can write myself a paycheck for $ 100 an hour. “

Although he hasn’t been in business for 15 years, Winbush focuses on empowering young people so that when he gets older and can’t do the job, people like 23-year-old Markus Moore can step in and sue. the business without missing out. a beat.

“I just want to give them something that can eventually take them to the next stage in their life. . . can take them out of the situation they are in or not now, ”he said.

Moore has struggled in recent years.

“Throughout my twenties and 18 to 19, I was in prison. I really didn’t have a childhood. It was all committing crimes and doing stupid things, ”he said.

Taking care of the lawn maintenance, Moore said he just wanted to make a life he can be proud of.

Although he’s only just getting started, there is no other feeling than knowing that he has someone around and that he has clients who love his job. Plus knowing that Winbush is proud of himself and with his parents is an added bonus.

“It makes me happy. It makes me wake up with a smile,” he says.

For Winbush, watching young people like Moore makes him feel good.

He said it brings “a lot of joy to my heart to see that there are young men who want to do the right thing.”

For now, he just hopes he can help more kids and young adults like Moore find their way, as he serves as a person to lean on and lend a helping hand.

To learn more about the Lean on Me project, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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