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👋 Alissa here with what is without a doubt the cutest company I know.

Driving the news: Kitty Bubble Cafe & Bar, Columbus’ first cat cafe, has opened three consecutive sold-out weekends.

Why is it important: The cafe is home to adoptable cats from Colony Cats (& dogs), with proceeds going to the rescue group. Already, 14 have found accommodation.

My opinion : The attention to detail for cats and humans is what makes the place so special.

  • The cafe features cat-shaped chairs, nifty drinks like “pawty on the beach,” and wall-to-wall paw print decor, because the beans are a work of art.
  • Drink lids – for when a cat inevitably knocks them over – have ears on top.
  • The cat lounge is beach-themed with cat-size lounge chairs, comfy hideouts, and plenty of wall perches to stretch out and climb on.
The coffee side of Kitty Bubble Cafe & Bar, empty only because it was closing time.

The plot: A wall of plastic bubbles separates the two areas and serves as a window.

  • This means customers with allergies or who don’t pay lounge entry can still enjoy the coffee.

Yes and: The coffee is so good I would stop by if it was the only attraction.

On that note: I must confess that I am going back today to work with Mary Jane.

  • 😸 … I should just buy that $150 annual pass now, huh?

And after: Owner Ivy Hou tells me the business will eventually offer alcohol but, for now, she’s taking a while to settle in after a rush to open.

  • “We’re slowly finalizing things. Just a little more popular than expected. I guess [it’s] a good problem to have,” she said via Facebook.

If you are going to: 12pm-9pm Monday, Thursday-Friday. 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday to Sunday. Closed Tuesday to Wednesday. 5568 N. High St., just south of Worthington.

  • $10 for 30 minutes, $15 for an hour. Reservations recommended.

😴 Pro tip: Go early. When I visited on Saturday evening, several kittens were tired from too much play time.

A calico cat on a fluffy white perch looks into a bubble window
Tish, an adoptable 3-year-old calico, peeks at cafe patrons from her perch.
A glimpse of the cat cafe from the corporate window, with cat-sized lounge chairs and a beach theme
A view of the cat lounge from the company window after it closed on Saturday evening.
An orange cat curled up sleeping on a donut-shaped cushion
One-year-old tabby Joey checked out well before closing time.
A plastic coffee cup with cat ears on top and a
A 24-ounce ($6) vanilla latte with a cute, spill-proof cat ear lid.
A calico cat licks its paw while closing one eye
Tish, an adoptable 3-year-old calico, at bath time on her perch.

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