Crews practice a downed plane drill to practice handling an emergency scenario

COLUMBUS, Georgia (WRBL) – On Friday night, you may have seen emergency vehicles around the Columbus airport or Spencer High School.

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Chattahoochee Valley first responders worked together to practice an emergency scenario. Fire crews from Columbus, Fort Benning and Chattahoochee County practiced a simulated downed plane.

The drill included a fake plane crash, fire, and possible fake casualties.

During the exercise, first responders received a simulated distress call from the fake helicopter, before losing contact with air traffic control.

Crews were tasked with finding the helicopter and administering aid.

Capt. Charles Herth, of Columbus Fire and EMS, said it was just one of many night drills planned by the department.

“Planes fly at night and Columbus Fire and EMS, along with Fort Benning and the airport, we need to be able to respond in the evening as we do during the day,” Herth said. “Operating during limited visibility is very different from operating in daylight, so we need to be able to light the scene, we need to be able to make the scene safer so that we can respond appropriately.

Columbus Fire and EMS will conduct night drills simulating different emergencies every Thursday at different locations in Columbus.

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These events will be coordinated with other local first responders and Fort Benning officials.

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