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In 1976, Turner bought the Atlanta Braves baseball team, and in 1977 he bought the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Turner’s motive in purchasing these organizations was to provide programming for his WTBS radio station. Through his shows, he was able to make The Braves a household name even before the team’s success in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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In 1978, Turner planned to create a 24-hour news channel. He sold a number of radio stations to fund the creation of CNN. As we all know today, Turner once again succeeded in this endeavor.

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Additionally, in 1988, Turner’s Network Television (TNT) only televised older movies and TV shows. Turner would later create Turner Classic Movies (TCM) in 1994.

On May 11, 1977, with the Braves mired in a 16-game losing streak, Turner sent manager Dave Bristol on a 10-day “reconnaissance trip” and Turner himself took over as interim manager – the first owner / manager of the majors since Connie Mack.

It was only after one game that the National League president ordered Turner to step down and appoint a manager for the team.

In the mid-1980s, Turner began leaving day-to-day operations to the baseball operations staff, and in 1995 the team won the World Series.

The Atlanta Braves have been sold and are now owned by Liberty Media.

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