Columbus Regional Historical Society

Columbus Regional Historical Society

For the past six weeks, the Columbus-Fall River Jaycettes have run a “Do Something” campaign. They asked residents of the Columbus area to collect their old papers, magazines and cardboard boxes to raise funds for the Beaver Dam Humane Society. Residents could deliver papers to the Burnard, Shaw and Sikorski garages. The Humane Society would receive $ 8 per tonne of paper collected.

A total of 7,100 vaccinations were administered from February to May at clinics across Columbia County. Of the total number of strokes, 365 were administered to adults.

The Fourth of July Organization received criticism for the planned raffle, an old car full of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The organization revised the price and offered the beer and the car or car and $ 150.

Nancy Kirchberg and Rosalind Zeidler announced that the Miss Columbus Pageant Committee will hold an organizational meeting to make plans for the 1981 Miss Columbus Pageant.

By a margin of nearly 10 to 1 members of the Adams-Columbia Electric Co-operative voted in favor of a merger with the Waushara Electric Co-operative. The combined system served 4,500 miles of distribution lines.

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