Kemba Walker feels ‘no pain’ in his knee, Boston Celtics expect him to play early in games



Boston Celtics practiced Wednesday after a day of rest in Orlando. Again, the practice did not include the All-Star point guard Kemba Walker, but this time the team say it’s because he did individual training yesterday.

“They put it on a day off, on a plan day,” Brad Stevens said of the medical staff’s management of Walker’s disease. knee strengthening program. “He did a lot of racing yesterday, shooting. He’s pulling a bit right now. He reacted very well, his knee feels good, and that’s a good thing.

News from Walker’s knee discomfort was unexpected, especially after Walker explained how much the break had helped him. The circumstances of the bubble mean there is less information coming out of it, and so the fact that he is not practicing has heightened attention to his performance. Stevens tried to clarify that while it’s not ideal, it’s not bad either.

“It wasn’t anything major,” Stevens said. “I understand why the questions are about him. We feel good about the progress he has made, we feel good that he has no pain, we feel good that he is building up strength. Strength is the number one thing. We’ve got to make sure he’s feeling as good as he can be because the track record, the physical record of those standings games and the playoffs, especially when you go every other day for the most part, is going to be important to guys. that are playing major minutes, so that’s a big part of it. “

It’s unclear to what extent the one-day, one-day-off plan will involve him in scrimmages on the pitch. At some point, he will have to move up and down the floor not only to test the knee and how it reacts, but to get used to playing basketball on a full court. The Celtics play their first exhibition game a week from Friday and they start to seed games after that. Walker and the Celtics need a few reps together as they prepare for a deep playoff run.

“We’re not such an explosive attacking team without Kemba, but we have a lot of very good attacking players,” said Stevens. “When he’s not available for training, we’ll have to focus our best actions on others. But everything indicates that it will be available when we play games.

Before that happens, Walker needs to get to a point where he and the team are confident he can handle the workload.

“He really prioritizes building strength in that knee, so the day off the day will be in effect for a while,” Stevens said. “If there is any discomfort at the start, our training staff have a plan in place and I just follow it. Whatever is best for Kemba is obviously the best for us.

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