Lawyer Says Government Tried To Set Up Fortenberry, Calls For Nonsuit | Crime-and-courts


Ginsburg had expressed his fear that “an overzealous prosecutor or investigator – aware that a person has committed a suspicious act, but unable to conduct a criminal case – will create a crime by surprising the suspect, asking him questions about it. acts and receiving a false denial “.

This case, according to the motion, is “entirely about Congressman Fortenberry’s failure to accurately repeat to the government the contents of the 10-minute phone call the government informant gave him” nearly a year over. early.

Key player in Fortenberry indictment steps down as chairman of Christian group

Ricketts defends Fortenberry as “man of great integrity”

“This motion gives a very clear picture of a setup,” said Chad Kolton, spokesperson for Fortenberry.

Kolton is Managing Partner of Blueprint Communications, a communications and public awareness company in Washington.

“A California prosecutor knew Representative Fortenberry had no knowledge of the crime under investigation, so he created an excuse to charge him anyway,” Kolton said.

“Prosecutors ordered informant to give Representative Fortenberry information he did not know, then waited nearly a year before sending FBI agents to surprise him at his home to ask him questions about it. .

“Despite Representative Fortenberry’s efforts to cooperate, while he could not recall the details the government informant had been instructed to describe to him nearly a year earlier, prosecutors waited until the Biden administration was in power and then brought several charges that had nothing to do with their campaign finance investigation.

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