Macon man plans to challenge Sanford Bishop rep

A. Wayne Johnson is a Republican and a former official in the US Department of Education under President Trump

MACON, Georgia – Editor’s Note: The video for this story is from Johnson’s 2019 Georgia Senate race.

A man from Macon has said he plans to challenge Congressman Sanford Bishop in the 2022 election. This is A. Wayne Johnson, a Republican and a former official in the US Department of Education under President Donald Trump .

Bishop, a Democrat from Columbus, is now in his 15th term and represents Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District. The district stretches from the Alabama state border to Macon and covers several rural counties in between.

Johnson says the changes approved by the Georgia General Assembly this month will make the 2022 race more competitive. They include the relocation of parts of northern Houston County to the 2nd District.

He says he wants to go to Washington to work on “kitchen issues,” such as rural health care, family jobs, senior care, farm support and quality education.

Johnson calls himself a former banker and farmer, Eagle Scout, and US Army officer. Under Trump, he led the $ 1.7 trillion federal student loan program.

He told 13WMAZ in 2019 that he quit when he concluded that most of that debt would likely never be repaid.

“The student loan program is in its form a flawed system right now. It was an inappropriate experience for the federal government to be in the direct lending business. We need to move forward and clear the slate when it comes to the federal loan amount, ”he said.

Last year he ran in the 19-person “jungle primary” to take the seat of US Senator Johnny Isakson. He got just over 36,000 votes statewide and finished 11th in the field.

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