Mexico City replaces Christopher Columbus statue with monument to indigenous women


The mayor of Mexico City said the statue of explorer Christopher Columbus, which was removed in Mexico City last year, will be replaced with a statue of an indigenous woman in honor of the indigenous woman.

Mayor Claudia Shainbaum Mexico City Presentation The statue of Columbus, which stood at the Paseo de la Reforma roundabout, will be replaced by a statue honoring an indigenous woman.

“I will put a statue dedicated to an indigenous woman,” she said at a press conference on Sunday. It was Indigenous Women’s Day. “We owe it to them. We exist because of them, ”she added. “This is the story of our country and our hometown.

She said the statue will stand at Diadera Raza on October 12, the day of recognition of the cultural heritage of Columbus and indigenous peoples.

In Mexico City, the statue of Christopher Columbus was removed for restoration work before October 12 last year. Associated Press .. Then graffiti covered the metal barriers surrounding the area and in Spanish “Christopher Columbus Hitman! We have already knocked it over !!

A monument to Columbus, an Italian navigator who sailed to the Americas on behalf of Spain in 1492, has been painted. Demonstrations and protests for at least a century Many describe him as the founder of Western Hemisphere colonialism and the Atlantic slave trade.

More and more states, cities and towns in the United States have decided to recognize indigenous days.

The move follows a long-standing call by Native American groups to claim that Christopher Columbus’s journey led to the massacre of the indigenous peoples of the Americas to recognize Indigenous Day.

Protesters around the world last year After a protest against the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, the damaged statue of Columbus began to focus on landmarks seen as a symbol of white supremacy and the oppression.

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a group of protesters tied a rope around the neck of a 10-foot bronze sculpture in Columbus and pulled it off a pedestal. In Boston, the head of the Christopher Columbus statue in the North End was removed and its debris was found nearby.

Also in Richmond, Virginia, a statue of Columbus was demolished and thrown into a lake in a city park during a demonstration in support of Indigenous peoples.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, when the Mexico City statue was taken down last year, Mexico Columbus Day said it was “a very controversial day and a useful day for conflicting ideas and political strife.”

According to Mayor Shainbaum, the Columbus statue will be moved to Americas Park in the city’s Polanco district.

Mexico City replaces Christopher Columbus statue with monument to indigenous women

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