On Our Sleeves® Launches National Alliance for Children’s Mental Health with Million Classroom Project


Newswise – COLUMBUS, Ohio – On our sleeves®, the national movement for children’s mental health, launched the On our sleeves Alliance, a collection of national companies and brands, organizations serving youth and parents, healthcare and education organizations and individual ambassadors focused on empowering mental health and well- be of every child in America.

To celebrate its launch, the On our sleeves Alliance announced a powerful first project: to provide every community in America with free educational resources, setting an ambitious goal of reaching one million classrooms with On our sleeves content by October 10, 2021, World Mental Health Day.

The stressors of the Covid-19 pandemic have taken a heavy toll on children, including those who have navigated distance learning, hybrid classrooms and new safety protocols that have kept them away from their friends and of their family. Because of this disruption in traditional learning, behavioral health experts On our sleeves want to equip teachers, counselors and school districts with the inventory needed to improve the mental health and well-being of their students. With one in five children living with mental illness and over 50 percent of lifelong mental illnesses presenting before the age of 14, On our sleeves’ the mission is to provide free tools to educators, parents and caregivers to help them start the important conversation about mental health with children and Practical guides on supporting children’s mental health needs, developing healthy habits, mental health counseling and more.

How to promote the emotional development of a childIs a set of resources that educators and parents can use during the final weeks of the current school year and throughout the year. Topics include information on expressing and sharing feelings, improving mental well-being, and self-care. Educational resources for students of all levels can be downloaded here.

Large lots, a neighborhood retailer and a founding member of the On our sleeves Alliance, will support this initiative by promoting free educational resources on mental health to over 100,000 teachers across the country, helping to On our sleevesgoal of reaching over a million classrooms by October. With stores in 47 states, Big Lots has been a national champion of the movement since 2016. Big Lots has made a multi-year commitment of $ 50 million to support children’s behavioral health initiatives and the National Children’s Hospital, including On our sleeves. Through point-of-sale campaigns, the company has already raised $ 26 million to support the movement.

“The past year has tested the resilience of many people, and these challenges have certainly had a unique impact on children and youth. Big Lots strives to be the BIG difference for a better life in every community, and On our sleeves does just that by enriching the lives of those who may be faced with difficult circumstances, ”said Bruce Thorn, President and CEO of Big Lots. “We are proud to be part of the Million Classrooms Project, which provides valuable and practical mental health resources to educators across the country.”

According to Parker Huston, Ph.D., clinical director, On our sleeves and pediatric psychologist, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, children have a better chance of socio-emotional well-being if they learn mental health skills early in life.

A founding member of the Alliance, Boys & Girls Club of America, has partnered with On our sleeves movement to create and distribute “Mental Health Discussion Guides” for caregivers, staff and volunteers of Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. Serving club members of all ages, the guides offer tips, warning signs and activities to help continue breaking the stigma surrounding child and young adult mental health.

Another founding member of the Alliance, JOANN, the national leader in the sewing and fabrics category, recently partnered with On our sleeves behavioral health experts to create fun and engaging ways for children and families to identify, discuss and appropriately express their emotions through age-appropriate crafts. With everyday items found at home or in nature, JOANN artisans help lay the foundation for emotionally healthy children.

On our sleeves® Alliance supporters include other business partners Abercrombie & Fitch, Bend Active, Big Lots, Cheryl’s, Columbus Crew SC, Homage, JOANN, Nationwide and Panera. As On our sleeves welcomes these founding members of its Alliance, the movement is also proud to be now a member of The Coalition for Mental Health. Made up of leading mental health organizations, brands and individuals, the Mental Health Coalition shares On our sleevesgoal of de-stigmatizing mental illness. The movement will also participate in the first day of action for mental health on May 20. On our sleeves will join more than 200 nonprofits and businesses to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness. The initiative was spearheaded by MTV and its sister channels that make up the MTV Entertainment Group.

Educational partners, such as GoNoodle, Inspired young minds, and Boys & Girls Club of America, help the On our sleeves Alliance is fulfilling its mission of reaching one million classrooms, or 1 in 4 students, by October 2021.

The Alliance will also include hospital partners across the country that issue licenses On our sleeves resources to use in their own communities. Interested On our sleeves hospital licensees can contact Katie Wilkinson at [email protected]

Alliance members also include dozens of champions; ambassadors and influencers who have used their respective platforms and voices to share the messages and mission of the At Our sleeves movement. On our sleeves Dedicated champions include Ashley Eckstein, Governor John Kasich, Nina West, Sophia Bush, the Harlem Globetrotters, Ryan and Nina Day, and many more. If you want to lend your platform to On our sleeves Alliance, click here.

About On our sleeves®
Children don’t wear their thoughts on their sleeves. With 1 in 5 children living with a significant mental health problem and half of all lifelong mental health problems starting at age 14, we need to give them a voice. On our sleeves®, powered by behavioral health experts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, aims to provide every community in America with the free resources needed to break the stigma of children’s mental health and educate families and advocates, because no child or family will should struggle alone.

Since the creation of On our sleeves in 2018, over 2 million people interacted with our free pediatric mental health educational resources at OnOurSleeves.org and our educational programs have reached over 1.8 million students across the United States. We depend on philanthropy to secure our mission of providing free educational resources across America and are seeking funding partners to create meaningful collaboration. Please contact Amanda Dove, Director of Corporate Partnerships at 1-866-317-5437 or [email protected] to find out how millions of families can learn more about your brand.

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