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All the sights and sounds of past parish festivals were in the Immaculate Conception of Clintonville this weekend.

There was a Pop-A-Shot basketball game for the kids, beer for the adults, a bingo and raffle, pizza and hot dogs, and the food line meandered at a depth of 30 after 6 p.m. Friday.

The sound of a snare drum and cymbal stick draws visitors to a white tent, and 11 young Emma Jenkins stand in front of Gahana’s School of Lock band, including Journey’s “Don’t Stop Bilibin”. I performed the song.

It was the first festival of the Immaculate Conception of Emma. Meanwhile, 83-year-old Barbara Nini was able to remember the first one in 1971. She was there again on Friday. She thinks

The Catholic parish had to cancel the festival

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the Catholic parish to cancel a popular holiday, which the family missed, Nini said.

“It’s always a big event,” said a Clintonville resident, adding that her late husband, Hank, helped organize the first festival to pay the school’s sports team.

On Friday, the teens gathered in pairs, in groups of four and six, and the parents, many pushers of strollers, watched the children bounce off the bounce house.

Clearly, Roman Catholic Prime Minister Dee Conto Masberg Jr. is a big change from 2020. Columbus Bishop said the festival was shut down by the virus.

“In my memory, everything was almost closed for security reasons,” Berg said. “We have always paid attention to all of our obligations, etc.

Berg said individual ministers from each festival will make decisions on COVID-19 limits at each event. According to Berg, these decisions are based on local health and safety guidelines at all times.

The pastor makes the final decision

“The ministers make the final decision,” said Berg. “They have the necessary information on the mission.”

He said this year there were fewer festivals on the Columbus Parish website than in the pre-COVID years. But this year, at least, it’s about building a community of people united by faith.

“My lifelong experience is an opportunity for people to come together,” Berg said. “(People) get to know each other…. For people to see (and) see each other in different environments, have the opportunity to sit, talk and catch up, my heart goes to the opportunity to come together in faith. I continue. “

Mark and Amanda Maggie from Clintonville began volunteering at the festival seven years ago. “For me, this is a great opportunity to connect with our community,” said Mark Maggie. “It’s a great opportunity to meet old friends.

In 2020, the Immaculate Conception was a virtual online gathering, rector Matt Hoover, minister of the parish in a green Notre Dame baseball cap, said during the Friday scene investigation. paddy field. The virtual festival was held in September concurrently with the Kentucky Derby 2020, which was delayed by the pandemic.

But Hoover was happy the real thing was back this year.

“I know it’s very exciting and people are really excited about it,” Hoover said. “One thing for the parish of the Catholic community is that there are two elements for the festival. (It’s) a gathering, but (also) they’re also kind of a parish fundraiser. I’m excited to be able to do it. “

Gift of the Immaculate Conception

Hoover said the financial aspect of the event was important to those who worshiped at the Immaculate Conception. It is also about growing the church months after the pandemic.

“It’s a big step in encouraging people to come to our faith gathering,” Hoover said.

Jacob Rammers, director of marketing and communications at the Immaculate Conception, said the money raised at the festival helped run the church and school, including old security systems and scholarships. ‘studies. Said.

At St. Catherine’s Catholic Church on the east side near Bexley, fundraising is the largest of the year for the parish. This year begins August 12.

“It’s important to try to show that we have an open door. We invite a group of many non-Catholic people…. we are open Showing the community who you are is a high priority. Welcome. “

The Immaculate Conception also attracts people from all over the parish. Non-members of the tight-knit community of Clintonville enjoy walking to the East North Broadway Church.

Esther Holsinger watched her two granddaughters run through a bounce house on Friday. Holsinger belongs to the nearby Catholic Church of Notre-Dame de la Paix.

She missed last year’s church festival, but understands why they were canceled.

“I am grateful to have this in the Immaculate Conception,” Holsinger said. “We are going to a festival. It’s a great family activity.

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