Pritzker signs laws targeting predatory jobs, loans and housing – NBC Chicago



Governor JB Pritzker on Tuesday signed four bills aimed at improving the economic situation of people of color as part of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’s ambitious agenda.

The Democrat stopped at Union Baptist Church, just east of downtown Springfield, for the signing ceremony with Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford, a Democrat from Maywood and other key lawmakers black.

The latest legislation is the economic part of the “four pillars” of equity and justice of the Black Caucus that arose from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last spring, implicated by the police. The others are criminal justice and education, which Pritzker signed, and health care.

A key bill signed on Tuesday caps interest on payday loans at 36%. The average annual percentage rate on an Illinois payday loan is 297%. Sponsors say this pushes people who are initially looking for small, short-term loans into endless debt.

Another law extends Illinois human rights law to prohibit employers from disqualifying a job seeker because of a criminal record, unless it is substantially related to the job.

Likewise, Pritzker enacted a measure allowing those convicted of felony live in social housing. The state’s more than 100 public housing agencies set their own rules. Sponsors have said those that bar residents with criminal records contribute to homelessness and recidivism.

Another law requires state review of the low and moderate income loans by banks and other lenders to improve investments in low-income communities.


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