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PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS CARBON COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp., CSAB Mortgage-Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2006-4, US Bank National Association, as Trustee, against Mervin McConney Defendant . CIVIL DIVISION File Number: 18-3756 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE BY SHERIFF PURSUANT TO CIVIL PROCEDURE RULE 3129 To: Mervin McConney 155 Longfellow Circle Albrightsville, PA 18210 AND PO Box 1176 Albrightsville, PA 18210 of Real Property (Real Estate) will be held at the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, Carbon County Courthouse, 1st Floor Boardroom, 4 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 on July 9, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. local time. THE PROPERTY FOR SALE is delimited in detail in a legal description consisting of a statement of the measured boundaries of the property, with a brief mention of the buildings and any other major improvements erected on the land. THE LOCATION of your property for sale is: 155 Longfellow Circle, Albrightsville, PA 18210 The JUDGMENT under which or under which your property is sold is registered at: No. 18-3756 LE (S) NAME (S) OF ( S) OWNER (S) OR DEEMED OWNER (S) OF THIS PROPERTY ARE: Mervin McConney A DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE, being a list of persons and / or government or corporate entities or agencies entitled to receive part of the proceeds of sale received and disbursed by the sheriff (for example to banks which hold mortgages and to municipalities which are liable for taxes), will be deposited by the sheriff thirty (30) days after the sale, and the distribution of the Proceeds from the sale in accordance with this Schedule will, in fact, unless someone objects by filing exceptions, within ten (10) days of the filing date. Information on the distribution schedule can be obtained from the Sheriff of the Carbon County Common Pleas Court, Carbon County Courthouse, 1st Floor Boardroom, 4 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229. CE DOCUMENT IS A NOTICE OF THE TIME AND PLACE OF SALE OF YOUR PROPERTY. It was made because there is a judgment against you. This may result in your property being held, sold or taken over to pay for the judgment. You may have legal rights to prevent your property from being taken. A lawyer can advise you more specifically on these rights. If you want to exercise your rights, you must act quickly. YOU MUST BRING THIS DOCUMENT TO YOUR LAWYER ONCE. GO OR CALL THE OFFICE BELOW TO DISCOVER OR GET FREE LEGAL ADVICE. Pennsylvania Lawyer Referral Service Pennsylvania Bar Association PO Box 186 Harrisburg, PA 17108 (800) 692-7375 THE LEGAL RIGHTS YOU MAY HAVE ARE: 1. You can file a motion with the Court of Common Pleas of Carbon County to open the judgment if you have a meritorious defense against the person or company that has pronounced judgment against you. You can also file an application with the same court if you become aware of a violation of law in the obligation or the procedure used against you. 2. After the sheriff’s sale, you can file a petition with the Carbon County Common Plea Court to quash the sale for clearly insufficient price or for any other valid cause. This petition must be filed before the Sheriff’s Deed is issued. 3. One or more petitions raising the legal issues or rights mentioned in the preceding paragraphs must be presented to the Carbon County Court of Common Pleas. The petition must be served on the creditor’s lawyer or creditor before going to court, and a proposed order or rule must be attached to the petition. If a specific return date is desired, that date should be obtained from the Court Administrator’s Office, Carbon County Courthouse, 4 Broadway, PO Box 130, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, prior to the presentation of the application to the Court. Dated: 4/5/21 Joseph E. DeBarberie, Esquire (315421) Manley Deas Kochalski LLC PO Box 165028 Columbus, OH 43216-5028 Telephone: 614-222-4921 Fax: 614-220-5613 Email: [email protected] Plaintiff’s lawyer May 21

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