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This is the second year that Lincoln-based Beyond School Bells has donated trees to the Warrior Academy, Viquer noted.

Things didn’t go so well last year, she added, as the COVID-19 pandemic messed up plans. The trees have always been donated, Viquer said, but were donated to the community.

“Some of the trees were given to the kids who were in the program (that year),” Viguez said.

On May 11, it was the turn of the college students to put their hands in the dirt in recognition of Arbor Day.

Shanda Hall, a media and broadcasting professor at the college, runs the Tuesday Garden Club for the after-school program. Hall showed students at Warrior Academy the process of planting a tree outside the building last week.

“The kids learned the process of planting a tree by calling the Diggers hotline so that utilities can mark obstructions underground, at the appropriate depth and width of a hole for the tree, as well. that how to loosen a root ball, stake a sapling, and water and fertilize a tree, ”Hall said.

Many students are not exposed to gardening and / or do not know how they would provide food for themselves and their families, she added.

Shanda Hall, a teacher at Schuyler Middle School, left, shows students in the Warrior Academy after-school program how to loosen the roots of a tree before planting it on May 11 outside the college.

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“We’re working on ‘planting’… the idea of ​​how to be self-reliant,” Hall said. “We are also talking about beautifying their homes and their private and public gardens. We talk about how gardening can be a stress reliever and the impact of erosion prevention by choosing plants and locations carefully. Trees, in particular, will help the school provide shade for many years to come.

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