State Treasurer Sprague explores the Central District

LIMA — Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague traveled to Lima on Friday to speak with the Allen County Chamber of Commerce about ways the state is helping drive economic growth in the region .

Sprague traveled to the Central District to talk with small business owners. Introduced at the press conference by Jed Metzger, president of the Allen County Chamber of Commerce, Sprague paid a visit to learn more about the city of Lima’s economic development projects.

“I wanted to talk to small businesses today about our linked deposit programs and how the Office of the Treasurer can help them as a small business by working with local financial institutions to lower the cost of their loans,” said said Sprague. “The hardest part is coming up with the idea. The easiest part is going to a banker to get the numbers working.

The Office of the State Treasurer has many programs designated to help provide not only financial literacy, but also ways to start a small business. Treasurer Sprague recently created a new program called Ohio Gains. This program was created to start a new investment strategy.

“You get a loan from your local lending institution and we’ll lower the interest rate on your loan using our balance sheet,” Sprague said. “I hope you will use this loan to start your business, invest in your community and make things better here in Lima.”

Central District Partner Jerome O’Neal was thrilled to have Treasurer Sprague visit the Central District and see the impact it will have on the community.

“The Ohio Treasurer’s Office is committed to improving the economic environment that allows small businesses to grow and succeed in the State of Ohio,” O’Neal said. “Much of this improvement comes from initiatives launched by the office of the state treasurer.”

“This (the central district) is quite exciting because I live in Findlay and have been coming to Lima for a long time,” Sprague said. “So I’m thrilled to see this part of Lima rejuvenated and regaining some of its former glory. I think this reflects an inflection point not just for the community, but I think the bigger story of where we are going as a state of Ohio. A big part of our story has been “well, we move the factory to Mexico or China”. I think it’s an exciting depiction of the story of our future.

The Treasurer hopes to continue to raise awareness of local and state programs that small businesses have available to them.

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Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague speaks with Central District business owners.

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