The best CS:GO players who have never won a Major

There are so many ways to define success in competition CS: GO, but none are so illustrious or desired as the honor of lifting the major trophy. Since 2013, Valve has sponsored the 17 Majors prize pool, and the rise of the Danish dynasty to Astralis in 2018 felt like the door was closing for some of the game’s greats to finally get there.

But the core of Astralis didn’t make it through the major hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic intact, paving the way for some of the game’s best players to finally secure that elusive major victory. S1mple, electroNic, karrigan, rain and Twistzz, among others, all finally won their first major trophy when Na’Vi and FaZe won the PGL Stockholm and PGL Antwerp Majors respectively.

After three consecutive wins for Astralis, CS: GO fans have seen a team of players win their first Major in back-to-back instances, giving hope that some of the remaining greats still missing out on that trophy might finally get theirs.

A lot of players haven’t won the Major. But when it comes to active players who are considered excellent by consensus and still play in top teams, there are three. Here are the best CS: GO players never to win a Major, yet.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovac

Photo via PGL
  • Second at PGL Stockholm 2021 (with G2)
  • Second at ELEAGUE Boston 2018 (with FaZe)
  • Top 8 at IEM Katowice 2019 (with FaZe)
  • Top eight at FACEIT London 2018 (with FaZe)

For more than half a decade, the Bosnian superstar has always been a dominating presence at the top of the competition CS: GO. He made the top five on HLTV’s Player of the Year lists in four separate years, won seven MVP trophies, and was always in the conversation when discussing the best player in the world.

It’s also not like NiKo’s no-shows at the Majors. He is one of seven players to reach a Major Grand Finals with two different teams and he holds the major record for most single-map wins with 52 against FlipSid3 at MLG Columbus. But FaZe’s collapse against Cloud9 in Boston is only more tragic in hindsight. The karrigan and rain duo then redeemed themselves at PGL Antwerp 2022, while NiKo and G2 couldn’t even reach the qualifiers for this Major despite being considered favourites.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

Photo via PGL
  • Top eight at PGL Stockholm 2021 (with Vitality)
  • Top 8 at StarLadder Berlin 2019 (with Vitality)
  • Top-11 at PGL Antwerp 2022 (with Vitality)
  • Top 11 at IEM Katowice 2019 (with Vitality)

AWPing prodigy and blossoming superstar, ZywOo winning a Major looks a little more like a possibility than a mere possibility considering the Frenchman is only 21 years old. His game and his potential are indisputable. He was one of the top two players in the world for three consecutive years and has more tournament MVP awards won by a rookie player than anyone else.

For ZywOo, achieving some consistency with the roster he is on is paramount to getting better finishes at Majors. Over the past three Majors, he’s played with almost entirely different teammates at each. The window is still open for him and not closing at an alarming rate, but it would be a crime to waste his bounty.

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski

Photo via PGL
  • Second at ESL One Cologne 2016 (with Liquid)
  • Top four at MLG Columbus 2016 (with Liquid)
  • Top four at FACEIT London 2018 (with Liquid)
  • Top 8 at StarLadder Berlin 2019 (with Liquid)
  • Top 8 at IEM Katowice 2019 (with Liquid)

EliGE has been one of North America’s most consistent pillars Counter-Strike, a top 20 player over five years and the driving force behind Team Liquid’s 2019 dominant. But he still remains without a Major. Geared up, consistent, and cool under pressure, EliGE is definitely one of the best in NA and in the conversation for the best in the region. Right now, however, the most accomplished NA player has to be Twistzz.

EliGE’s top three major placements are all heartbreaking in their own way. Even with nitr0, Hik0 and s1mple in its early prime, Liquid couldn’t top the Brazilian SK/LG roster in 2016 and the “double cold jump” that stunned the NA crowd in Columbus is etched on the walls. of Mirage forever.

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