The Federal Court does not interfere in the redrawing of maps

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A three-judge federal court panel from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio said it would not interfere with the state’s legislative redistricting process, at least for another month. .

The federal court announced on Wednesday that he “will remain our hand until May 28.”

If the state doesn’t come up with a resolution by then, the federal courts will order the Ohio General Assembly primary to be Aug. 2.

The court declined to order the implementation of a card “until the last possible day, which we estimate to be May 28, 2022”.

“Map 3” is the map we will order implemented on May 28, for the 2022 election cycle only, if Ohio does not approve a legal map by then,” the court said in its statement. decision.

“Map 3” is the third set of maps adopted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission, but not the final maps.

Republicans on the Ohio Redistricting Commission said third maps favored the GOP in at least 54 House districts and 18 Senate districts, matching how Ohioans voted in the US election. statewide over the past 10 years.

However, Democrats, lawyers and a majority of Ohio Supreme Court justices have said there is not a fair balance between competitive districts.

The fourth set of maps passed by the Ohio Redistricting Commission was also ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court last week.

Since then, the General Assembly has not set a primary date for the Ohio House and Senate candidates and the committee has not met for a fifth time.

The Ohio Supreme Court gave the commission until May 6 to pass new legislative maps.

The court’s decision came after a group of Republican voters asked the federal court to force the state to use previous maps that were thrown out by the Ohio Supreme Court because they unfairly favored the GOP. .

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