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“We had two people who said they would help,” Horak said. “One of them mowed for about three hours and said the ground was too rough. … The other one, she had been working for two or three weeks now, but she said she was going to quit and look for another job.

The cemetery association owns riding mowers, so the equipment is provided, he added.

Horak and other board members have taken care of the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery, although there is someone helping to cut the weeds, added the secretary of the Schuyler board. Cemetery Association, Eleanor Pelan.

Horak said the association had received complaints because the cemetery was not completely mowed on Mother’s Day, but would be in better condition by Memorial Day.

“It got away from us with the dandelions and if someone were to go now I think it looks pretty good for the older people who care for them,” Pelan added.

As the cemetery is not located within the city limits of Schuyler, no funds are received from the city of Schuyler, Pelan said.

“We are self-sufficient, and the only way to make money is to sell the spaces and from memorials and donations,” she said.

The Schuyler Cemetery Association was also faced with costly repairs. Last year there were issues with the mower’s transmissions and this year new equipment is needed to handle the backflow of water, Horak said.

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