Truckers in Cambridge to protest covid mandates

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — The People’s Motorcade, which traveled across the United States to protest COVID mandates, rolled through Ohio on Thursday.

Dozens of people lined overpasses and rest areas along I-70 in Columbus as truckers drove through the area.

The peaceful protest, which began in February, is expected to reach the Washington, DC area on Saturday.

courtesy: WCMH

According to a press release on The People Convoy’s website, their message is simple:

“The past 23 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a tough road for all Americans: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and — most importantly — financially. With the advent of the vaccine and workable therapeutic agents, along with the hard work of so many sectors that have contributed to the decline in COVID-19 cases and the severity of the disease, now is the time to reopen the country. The average American worker needs to be able to weather the economic woes of the past two years and get back to baking bread – so they can pay their rents and mortgages and help kick-start this economy. To that end, it’s time for elected officials to work with America’s blue-collar and white-collar workers and restore accountability and freedom – lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency – because COVID is well in hand now, and Americans need to get back to work freely and without restriction.

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