Viral Columbus ‘Selfie Museum’ Helps Customers Get That Perfect Social Media Photo


COLUMBUS (WCMH) – If you’ve ever found yourself with a beautiful backdrop, but just couldn’t quite figure it out, a woman from Columbus is now giving you the tools to create the perfect Instagram post.

“I knew this was something the people of Columbus would really like, and we had nothing like it, so I thought it would be the perfect idea,” says Danielle White, owner of Viral Columbus.

For White, Viral Columbus is a snapshot of a growing trend.

” Where you go. If you go to Short North and go to different restaurants, they all have something on the wall where people can come and take pictures, ”White describes.

So White decided to create his own space to attract the city’s biggest selfie enthusiasts.

“Especially in this neighborhood, it’s the university district, there are a lot of young people and that’s what they like to do,” adds White.

Viral Columbus is the city’s very first “Selfie Museum”.

The gallery features 19 unique rooms, each displaying different themes and backgrounds designed to produce the perfect portrait.

“Basically you come here, you take pictures. We have different props, it’s a bit like an interactive photo gallery, ”says White.

White showed the gallery on NBC4 on Thursday afternoon. This is its first full week of operation after its official opening on September 11.

She says the time from concept to creation was only about two months.

“I basically had a list of different things that I thought were cool, and me and mom kind of narrowed down the list of what we could do and what we thought were the most popular,” White details on how from which she arrived. about settling on designs.

The museum has a little something for everyone.

“Male female. All different ages. We’ve got stuff that the kids will really like, the adults,” White says.

And when you head to Viral Columbus, don’t worry, you can leave the selfie-stick at home.

“I would just say you are using the ring lights. Some people don’t use them, but they’re the best for getting the best photos, ”White encourages when asked for his advice on the best selfies.

Visitors must purchase tickets and reserve a time slot one hour in advance.

For more information on ticket prices and times you can visit their website at

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