We will start 2022 with storms and heavy rains


Gray and gloomy conditions dominated our Thursday; high afternoon temperatures only climbed until the upper mid-1940s in much of the tri-state. We had a high temperature of just 47C in Evansville earlier today, marking your coolest day in River City in over a week. As for the rest of the evening, cloud cover will likely persist as temperatures remain in the mid-40s. We will probably be plunging to around 46 ° or so at some point tonight, but by the time we all wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will have risen to the low zone of the 1950s.

We will start on the last day of 2021 under mostly cloudy skies. Despite cloud cover over the Lower Ohio Valley, temperatures will rise across the region. Southerly winds gusting up to 10 or even 15 mph will help propel temperatures into the mid-60s on Friday afternoon; we will reach a high temperature of 67 ° in Evansville on New Years Eve. However, tomorrow’s forecast will not focus on our rising temperatures, but on the threat of downpours, storms and potentially severe weather.

A core of low pressure on Friday evening followed quickly by the passage of a cold front on Saturday will generate periods of heavy rains and high winds. The latest model data indicates that we could see the first of the isolated rains reach parts of the three states around 6 p.m. Friday evening. However, the likelihood of severe weather conditions will last until later overnight – we may start to see stronger and potentially severe thunderstorms developing in parts of the tri-states as early as 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. on Friday. evening. The biggest threat from the storms on Friday and Saturday will be the destructive straight-line winds of over 60 mph; prolonged heavy rainfall will also pose a threat, leading to the possibility of significant flooding in places.

By the time it’s all said and done on Saturday night, some places across the tri-state could see more than 3 “and possibly 4” of total precipitation in just over 24 hours. The main timeline of potentially severe storms will occur between 10 p.m. on Friday and 6 p.m. on Saturday. Once the threat of severe weather subsides, temperatures will begin to drop rapidly. After seeing the 60s low early on Saturday, the mercury is expected to worsen; temperatures will drop again until the mid-1920s – we will start on January 2 with a low morning temperature of just 26 °.


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